1. Go to Foundspot’s homepage and click on "I lost an item".
2. Follow 4 simple steps indicating what you have lost, when and where, and your contact details. Be as specific as you can, as it will be easier to identify and match your item.
3. When a Vueling employee finds a lost item, it is sent to the Lost and Found Central Office in Madrid and registered on Foundspot. When the system matches the item with your description, you will receive an email asking for your confirmation and to initiate the shipping process.

It can take 1-2 days to several weeks between the moment your item is found and the moment you are notified about it. Vueling’s employees may find lost items in any part of the world and it can take several days before the items are sent to, and received at, the Lost and Found Central Office in Barcelona. Once in Barcelona, items are registered on Foundspot.

When you receive an email notifying that a match has occurred, you have to confirm the match, then click on "Proceed to Shipping" and fill out the shipping form and card payment details. The item will be sent to the postal address you provide.

Every lost item found in our airplanes is sent to the Lost and Found Central Office located in a restricted access zone in Barcelona. It is not possible pick up your item; shipping is the only option.

Once you complete the shipping form, you will receive an email with a tracking number and link so you can monitor your item at any time.

The shipping cost depends on the destination and type of service: standard or premium.
After completing the shipping form, the shipping cost and handling fee will be visible in the "Shipping summary".
Note: Some countries require additional customs fees. These fees are not included in Foundspot’s payment process as they are import taxes, not shipping charges. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you find out about the destination-country import requirements.

We recommend that you find out if the item you are shipping has any restrictions or custom import fees at the destination country.
A large variety of items have restrictions in different countries. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops tend to be problematic.
If you have any doubts and want to avoid extra costs, contact the destination custom.

You can follow your shipping using the tracker and link that was emailed to you after successfully completing the shipping form.
The courier hired for the shipping provides the shipping status information.

Transit from Vueling’s Lost and Found Central Office in Barcelona to the shipping address depends on the destination and type of service: standard or premium.
The transit schedule can be seen in the "Shipping summary" window after completing the shipping form.
- Additionally, consider 1-2 handling days at Vueling’s Lost and Found Central Office, with a regular Monday to Friday work schedule.
- Retentions at customs are not considered part of the transit time. They depend on each country´s import requirements and/or mechanisms.

It normally takes between 1 day and 2-3 weeks for a lost and found item to arrive to Vueling’s Central Office in Barcelona, where all shipments are managed. For a variety of reasons there are cases in which it can take longer (for example, flights very far from Madrid); therefore, it is still possible to recover your item after one month. However,after two months unresolved searches are permanently closed and unclaimed items are donated.

All handling of lost and found items in airplanes or VIP lounges is done exclusively by Vueling’s authorized employees. Foundspot provides Vueling with an automatization platform that optimizes the delivery of lost and found items. Foundspot also provides technical assistance in case of any incidence.

IMPORTANT: You will only receive a notification if there is a match with your lost item.
We recommend following these steps:
      1. Check your Spam or Junk Email folder: Sometimes, emails can be automatically filtered as spam. Therefore, we suggest that you check your Spam or Junk Email folder in your inbox to ensure that the matching email isn't there.
      2. Be Patient: Make sure you have waited for the specified time in the "how does it work" section to receive the matching email. The process of searching for and matching lost items can take time, depending on the availability and workload of the responsible team.
      3. If, after checking your Spam folder and waiting a reasonable amount of time, you still haven't received the matching email, we recommend contacting Vueling's Lost and Found office via email at: